Who is Katherine Sui Fun Cheung?


Katherine Sui Fun Cheung is a pionerring Asian Aviatrix.  She is considered one of the first Asian woman in the United States to become a licensed pilot in March of 1932 at a time when women accounted for a mere one percent of the licensed pilots in America.  Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/katherine-sui-fun-cheung

Why do we need to share Katherine's story?
With the rise of new media platforms, there are so many rich stories from the past that we can now share through the internet.  As such it is important to acknowledge Katherine's journey from Chinese immigrant to USC Music School student to barnstorming aviatrix.  Its an inspiring and informative story that recounts a bygone era in history when courageous women were breaking free of the limits imposed by a male-dominated society.  As a pioneering Asian woman, Katherine's accomplishments in aviation helped to breakthrough the gender biases and racial barriers that existed in America during a time of tumultuous change spanning the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression and World War II.
How can I help to share Katherine's story?


As a nonprofit association, we need volunteers to help with various tasks related to our documentary, book and short film projects including video production, video editing, marketing, distribution, social media and related skills to bringing Katherine's story to a larger audience.  We also rely on your generous financial donations to help cover the related costs of our projects.




Where can I read more about Katherine's story?


There are several great news and magazine articles about Katherine's life and accomplishments online.  Here are some suggested links: 









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