Animated Short Film

A fictionalized animated short film and webseries inspired by the life of Katherine Sui Fun Cheung.


It's the story of a little girl who falls in love with flying and becomes an adventurous barnstorming pilot.



A documentary film about Katherine Sui Fun Cheung's many accomplishments as a pioneering Asian Aviatrix.


The film will feature archival footage, video and audio recordings, interviews with aviation historians, family members and friends.

Traveling Exhibition

An exhibition focusing on Katherine Sui Fun Cheung's life that will feature family memorabilia, photographs, audio and video recordings, plus a timeline of her historical accomplishments as a pioneering Asian Aviatrix.

Illustrated Children's Book

An illustrated picture book biography designed for Kindergarten-3rd Grade students to learn about Katherine's adventurous life as a barnstorming pilot and her role in aviation history.


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